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PHP Framework or PHP CMS, Which is a Better Choice?

October 16, 2013 6:11 pm

This is probably the first and the most obvious question which arises in the mind of a Web Developer before starting a new Project.

What to choose? A PHP Framework or a CMS

This has happened many times with me so I thought of writing a blog on this. Hope you find it helpful.

Basic Definitions.

A PHP Framework is a library or a set of predefined PHP functions with the help of which you can develop a Web application. A passionate programmer who loves coding would always want to work with a framework. A noob or a non programmer might not be comfortable with frameworks.

CMS stands for Content Management System. CMS has predefined modules/templates which in itself is a website. You just need to choose a theme and suitable plugins for your need and your website is ready for launch. It does not need your expertise on coding so even non programmers can go ahead to build fantastic web applications using CMS. On the other hand programmers might also find it helpful to use a CMS.

Now What to choose?

These days developers rely more on CMS than Frameworks as it saves time and you can even modify the theme/plugins as per your needs making it easy for development. But, it will always depend on

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